I'm Hiring!

I'm looking to bring on a part-time designer. Experience can be less than 2 years but you must have competency or at least the understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite. I'm willing to provide mentorship to anyone on a starting / junior level as I have over 12 years experience as a designer and brand strategist.

I'm looking for someone...

  • with a creative imagination / background with some experience in design that can take direction well
  • who is looking for part-time work (10-20 hours per week by the hour)
  • who can take the lead on some small design initiatives in my company
  • who can come to my office (The Collection at Forsyth) and work in person with me
  • who is eager to learn more and ultimately build a career around branding, design, user experience strategy, web/app design, marketing, illustration, and creative consulting

This is just the beginning...

I'm in the process of expanding my business in 2018 to new heights and will be restructuring my business in various ways to create some new jobs this summer and build a team I can count on.

If you feel like you have the chops and are willing to jump on board and sink your teeth in, please fill out the form below. I have a heart for giving, serving, and leading and am committed to offering nothing short of a fun and engaging learning / working experience.


Application Form:

Name *
I need somebody local who can work on-site with me a few hours per day in my office at The Collection of Forsyth.
Phone *
Work Experience *
Have you had any experience working for paying clients? Have you interned anywhere before?
If you have any work you'd like to show off, please put a link below!
If you have a desired or current hourly rate, please provide it here. Experience is crucial here. For example, if you are fresh with no experience, I cannot justify spending money to train you and, at that point, it would be a free internship for experience. Pay is based on experience and will be offered at my discretion of quality and competency.
If you have a desired block of time that best works with your schedule, please provide it below so I can do my best to work around it.
Grade yourself on your experience with the Adobe Creative Suite *
This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign mainly.
Do you feel confident communicating with clients directly? *
Not a requirement but I'm in high demand and it could potentially help from time-to-time.
Do you have your own computer / Mac? *
I am Mac-based for my digital work and, frankly, having your own machine would go a long way. However, I'm willing to offer use on my laptop as needed.